Please indulge me for a moment while I wax poetic about the beauty of the sport of Olympic Weight Lifting. Before I began learning the lifts and how to perform them properly, I did not understand the enormity of knowledge and focus that went into doing them.

Lifting, to me, is almost ballet-like…there is a certain beauty to each move-setting your feet in just the right position to approach the bar, placing your hands in that “just so” spot in order to begin the move-the quickness, speed and agility needed to get the bar up-the thrust of the hips, the shrug of the shoulders, the descent downward and the strong ascent-needless to say, I’m loving it and the feeling of getting stronger is simply addicting.

Below is the last stance of today’s split jerk-looking forward to continuing to learn and paying it forward-eat clean, train dirty, and have a great Wednesday night!