Just a quick post today about how I am incorporating my Crossfit workouts into my upcoming triathlon season training. It’s difficult…don’t get me wrong, I love Crossfit and I love training for triathlon, but sometimes something’s gotta give…I am participating in the upcoming Crossfit Open Games while training for 3 sprint tris (working on speed this season).

I would love to go hard at both disciplines but I’m being careful this season. Last year I injured myself thinking I was invinceable and could do both “all out.” So how am I changing it up? Well, something like this-I have a long run scheduled for Saturday-that femoral nerve pain that I dealt with last year is whispering in my ear…so, I opt out of a Crossfit workout that involves squat cleans with heavy weight. Good call…my Saturday run goes off without a hitch.

This week I did a CF workout that required jump squats with a 35 lb bar on my shoulders-155 reps to be exact, all tolled…I did it and then ran 8 miles the next day-I was willing to cut my run short if I had to, but luckily I was ok. It’s a little bit of a crap shoot, but being mindful of my training schedule and VERY careful not to injure myself seems to be working…I’m also doing major tissue work in the form of daily foam rolling and lacrosse ball rolling-mashing the heck out of that fascia! Mindful training-my current mantra