A New Beginning

Sometimes all it takes is a crazy idea to change your whole life.  Two years ago, after visiting southwest Florida, I decided that this was where I was going to make my home.  The cold, dark, New York winters were really getting to me and it was time to plan for a change.  I wanted to swim, bike and run outdoors all year round and I wanted to do it before I was too old to enjoy it!  So, here I am-in paradise.  Saying goodbye to beloved friends and clients was difficult, but I do believe that they all understood my reasons for leaving.  I am loving my new life in the tropics.  I wake each morning to the most beautiful water view and abundant sunshine.  I am once again inspired to help others get fit and feel good about themselves.  New beginnings are awesome.  Don’t let fear hold you back from making a change in your own life-take a risk and believe in yourself!