Lisa Hiller, M.S. Exercise Physiology, Postural Alignment Specialist certified by Egoscue Institute

Lisa Hiller, M.S. Ed., Exercise Physiology, NASM-CPT, Crossfit Level 1 Coach, ASCA Level 2 Swim CoachM-CPT

Lisa began her career after receiving her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology in cardiac rehabilitation and then as a strength and conditioning coach and Master’s swim team coach. However, throughout the years, she began to realize that it was more important to achieve the goal of reducing muscular compensation and dysfunction before strengthening. She educated herself in postural alignment, biomechanics, and corrective exercise. Today, she specializes in postural analysis and correction of joint alignment and associated pain symptoms. Exercises are prescribed to improve postural alignment in order to achieve optimal results.

Her mission with each client is to restore optimal function in order to allow a life free of pain and functional limitations. Before a client begins a strength program they must first be aligned, functional and free of pain. Then, and only then, can they embark on a strength program. Strengthening from a stable foundation will reduce the likelihood of injury and will also not reinforce muscular imbalances. Each and every program that Lisa creates is custom tailored to the individual client’s needs and abilities.

Tired of treating the symptom and ready to treat the cause?

Many people around the world are familiar with Pete Egoscue and his revolutionary method for resolving musculoskeletal pain without drugs or surgery. Correcting your posture with an Egoscue Certified Postural Alignment Specialist will allow you to live the life you want to live and continue the activities you love to do, pain free! I believe that your chronic pain is not due to your age, genetics, past injuries, or activities that you do. I believe you are in pain because you have lost proper postural alignment. Jack Nicklaus, the famous golfer, many other professional athletes, and thousands of other people seeking relief from chronic pain have changed their lives with Egoscue posture therapy. Posture therapy improves musculoskeletal function by facilitating the body’s own mechanics and returning posture and movement to a healthy and functional state. It is not physical therapy, massage, or chiropractic.

What is Postural Therapy?

Get to the root cause of your pain or injury through Postural Alignment Therapy. Return your body to proper alignment, function, and balance all without drugs, surgery, or manipulation, allowing you to live pain free! Posture therapy is a non-medical approach to improving musculoskeletal function. The site of your pain is most likely not the source of your pain.

What to expect at your visits with Lisa…

The initial visit will last 90 minutes and includes posture alignment evaluation with photos, a custom E-cise menu built for you, to address your particular issues and pain, and step-by- step guidance through your complete menu, with the goal of getting started toward a more functional posture and less pain. Follow-up visits include evaluating progress, adjusting E-cise menu as needed to facilitate further improvement, and follow up photos as necessary. Optimally, follow-up visits are every 1-2 weeks until your goals are met. Some clients may find they have reached the relief and improvement they are seeking within a few visits, and just need a maintenance visit every once in a while after that. Others prefer to continue on a regular basis over time.

You can expect a full evaluation of your posture by a Posture Alignment Specialist and Egoscue University® Certified Practitioner. At the initial visit, Lisa will review your medical history with you, take photos of you (front, back, side views) to help assess your posture and imbalances and generate an E-cise menu specific to you and your needs. Each E-cise is a specific movement, stretch, or position, designed to strengthen or stretch particular muscles and ultimately re-align load bearing joints to a functional position and posture.

You can expect professional, courteous attention and friendly guidance from someone who understands what musculoskeletal dysfunction — and relief from that dysfunction — feel like.  At your visit, once your menu is established, you will be asked to work through your particular menu exercises and this requires physical movement; however, Lisa, the Posture Alignment Specialist and Egoscue University® Certified Practitioner, will not perform any type of massage, chiropractic adjustment, or physical manipulation, except to help you slightly adjust your stance, posture, or position while doing your E-cises.

Please note that posture therapy is based on a framework of personal responsibility. It is up to you to do the recommended exercises. The exercises are effective, but only if you do them!

The role of the Posture Alignment Specialist is to help you identify the underlying imbalance which causes the pain, and to provide you individualized guidance and E-cise menus to address these imbalances. Your personal dedication to doing your menu every day is central to your success. Dysfunction develops over time, and takes time to resolve. Each menu is designed to be done daily while symptoms persist, and for maintenance as needed thereafter. Most menus can be completed within 30 minutes each day, though there are some exceptions.

We do not bill insurance for these or any other services at Lisa Hiller Fitlife, LLC. Payment is due at time of service.  All pricing is subject to change at any time.

What my clients say about me

Lisa is an amazing person and a fantastic coach!  With her motivating style and attention to the whole body, Lisa’s workouts are perfect!

Jackie F.

Lisa Hiller is my hero. Her non abrasive way of talking to people and getting them to do the work is incredible. She deals with a whole person, not just a body. I highly recommend her!!

Mady B.

Lisa is a superb trainer who WILL make you do more and be more fit than you dreamt you could be, and all the while, you’ll enjoy it.  She is extremely knowledgeable, careful and not a bit boring.  She will kick your butt and believe it or not, you’ll have fun while she’s doing it.

Anne B.

I started private swim lessons with Lisa in late june to train for a few triathlons,I did the gold coast tri on fathers day and had a terrible swim ,its was a sprint tri .After swimming with Lisa I was able to compete in the mile open water swim at point lookout after a month of her lessons and finish the middle of the pack .Lisa did a great job giving me confidence to do open water swims ,guiding me through to feel comfortable in the water .By the end of season I had done an olympic tri ,as well as numerous open water swims and a 1/2 ironman trainning camp with a 1.2 mile swim .Her coaching style was definitely a positive experience and I will continue to train with her again this summer .

Michael E.

I have been working with Lisa for about 6months now. i have worked with other personal trainers in the past, however, working with Lisa is far better. She works with the whole person, focusing on flexibility, strength, cardio as well as educating you on technique and her thinking process in planning your workout. I am training for a half marath0n and she has incorporated this into our training sessions and i have seen big differences in my runs (not only distance I can run, but being faster, as well as maintaining proper alignment/posture)

Megan R.

I started working with Lisa with swimming lessons about a year ago and have been training with her since the summer. I’ve seen great results since working with Lisa especially with toning and core conditioning. Lisa is a great teacher and very knowledgeable and patient. Lisa has also given me a lot of great tips on running and has helped me work through past injuries.

Christine A.
  • I’ve been training with Lisa for 6 months. as a former personal trainer myself, i have found her extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest innovations in exercise modalities. i had 2 shoulder surgeries and a recent knee surgery, so am very concerned about safety. i have never had any doubts about being safe in Lisa’s hands. she works me out hard, but i have never been sore and have always had fun. Lisa is also an awesome and patient swim and run coach and perfect for runners and triathletes.

Judy B.