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  • Egoscue Method to Reduce Pain
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  • Postural Alignment Therapy
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Eliminate chronic pain and enjoy an active life

Drug free pain relief for shoulder pain, hip pain, back pain, fibromyalgia and other areas of pain

Many people around the world are familiar with Pete Egoscue and his revolutionary method for resolving musculoskeletal pain without drugs or surgery.

Correcting your posture with an Egoscue Certified Posture Alignment Specialist will allow you to live the life you want to live and continue the activities you love to do, pain free!

I believe that your chronic pain is not due to your age, genetics, past injuries, or activities that you do. I believe you are in pain because you have lost your proper postural alignment.

Jack Nicklaus, the famous golfer, many other professional athletes, and thousands of other people seeking relief from chronic pain have changed their lives with Egoscue posture therapy.

Posture therapy improves musculoskeletal function by facilitating the body's own mechanics and returning posture and movement to a healthy and functional state. It is not physical therapy, massage, or chiropractic.

If you have been living with chronic pain and have tried drug based treatments and other therapies and found that they only worked short term or not at all, you may feel like you will never feel better so that you can do the things you want to do.

Often when you are experiencing pain in your shoulder, hip, back, neck or other areas, the pain is not originating in the area where you feel the pain but it is usually the result of dysfunction someplace else in your body.

Most pain treatments are symptom based and do not focus on the root of the problem. Egoscue's focus is to correct postural imbalances that are the root cause of your chronic discomfort. Thousands of people have stopped taking pain meds, did not need surgery and finally got their life back thanks to our pain reduction methods.

You too can feel so much better when you work with us to be rid of that nagging pain.

Posture Before & After

The Egoscue Method Therapy uses muscles to reposition the skeleton to its original functional design. Bones do what muscles tell them to.

Egoscue practitioners assemble a series of exercises designed to reposition, strengthen and stretch specific muscles to correct any musculoskeletal dysfunctions specific to an individual.

These exercises make certain demands on the body that enable normal muscle function and interaction. This in turn, realigns the body so that it can function normally without pain.


Lisa Hiller, M.S. Ed., Exercise Physiology, NASM-CPT, Crossfit Level 1 Coach, ASCA Level 2 Swim Coach M-CPT

Lisa began her career after receiving her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology in cardiac rehabilitation and then as a strength and conditioning coach and Master’s swim team coach. However, throughout the years, she began to realize that it was more important to achieve the goal of reducing muscular compensation and dysfunction before strengthening. She educated herself in postural alignment, biomechanics, and corrective exercise. Today, she specializes in postural analysis and correction of joint alignment and associated pain symptoms. Exercises are prescribed to improve postural alignment in order to achieve optimal results.

Her mission with each client is to restore optimal function in order to allow a life free of pain and functional limitations. Before a client begins a strength program they must first be aligned, functional and free of pain. Then, and only then, can they embark on a strength program. Strengthening from a stable foundation will reduce the likelihood of injury and will also not reinforce muscular imbalances. Each and every program that Lisa creates is custom tailored to the individual client’s needs and abilities.